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02.04.2015 20:26, Anh from Assen E-mail Homepage :
Wow because this is very great job! Congrats and keep it up.

Also visit my blog que es el acai

18.07.2011 23:15, susi sorglos from lebemann und hirn E-mail Homepage :
thx 4 tip ! amazing steak eaten in that bar !

17.03.2011 18:57, Alexandra IVANCU E-mail :
Thank you very much for the map of Prague!
I received it from a friend and I already borrowed it to another friend! It's amazing! Unique, complete, helpful and really "oldie, but very goldie". It became a legacy in our group of friends!

I would really like for you to finish the map of Istanbul because I'll need it next month!

All the best from Romania!

12.03.2011 18:13, Estee from South-Africa E-mail :
Okay so I am an exchange student from SA living inPrague for 6months and have been traveling via CitySpy, ooohhhh mmmyyyy wordddd, YOU ARE AWESOME!! You are sooo helpfull, I had no clue what so ever when I got here about ANYTHING, but you guys, Oh my word! THANK YOU!!! My mission and goal is to collect ALL the maps, by visiting all of those places! Anyway, gotta travel, just wanted to pop in and remind you again that you are the SHIT!!

22.02.2011 12:29, Hotel Zum Kurfürsten from Bernkastel-Kues E-mail Homepage :
just á nice idea for traveler like me.
Nice place to stay;


02.02.2011 07:55, Fabryccio Fabryccio E-mail :
Hey, Hello, I've been in Europe this month and i've travelled from Prague,Budapest,Krakow,Berlim, Vienna and Bratislava . And It was possible to use your map in almost all the places (excluding Bratislava , and Budapest that i couldn't find the map) but it were great to use the map, usually "local" maps include a lot of things that isn't so "interesting" and in City Spy , it was "Keep Simple and direct" haha ... thanks for all it were awesome to use this map...
Thanks for all. Sorry bad English lol

08.12.2010 16:18, ca;vin from wolverhampton E-mail :
im comming

29.11.2010 00:00, Tonio from Berlin E-mail :
Hey cityspy, we traveled to Praha and found your maps there in a hostel - really great :) we laughed our asses off checked out what you suggested - mostly good times.
Also checked the Berlin one, actually pretty good overview ;) keep it up

16.10.2010 15:50, hussein abo gaddara from Beirut Lebanon E-mail :
i have been into Vienna, Budapest, Prague, and Bratislava this summer. The city spy maps were a real trip companion and much of a benefit during the one month i spent. Big thanks to the people responsible for this project.
I recommend that you do a similar map for Beirut as it is a magnet for tourists and couch-surfers in this part of the world

14.09.2010 18:56, Joli E-mail :
Many thank you~

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Entries: 30
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